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My Mom, Beverly Gean Sellers Lushbaugh

BGIn memoriam of Beverly Gean Sellers Lushbaugh, my wonderful mom; who went to be with her Lord, June 9, 1990.

“UNAWARE of Reality”

Driving to the hospital unaware of reality around me;
Seeing freeway signs yet uncomprehending their meaning.
My mind races ahead to you…
What will I find when I get there?

There you are in the emergency room behind a temporary curtain
That keeps nothing private from anyone.
They come in wearing white coats, white shoes
And pull and prod and probe.
What will they find within you?

You writhe in pain that is relentless
And I can do nothing to help you.
I call for the nurse, the doctor;
They give you medication but it doesn’t help.
They order morphine and more tests.
What will they find with them?

Day after day goes by, six to be exact.
I drive back and forth listening to music
That I choose to sing along with
To keep my mind focused on Him.
Friends come and go, bring gifts, and call.
Flowers arrive with special messages of love
And loved ones sit and talk and wait. What will we find here tomorrow?
I tell you things I have always told you since I was a little girl:
“I love you, Mom. You’re the best Mom in the whole world!”
We recall moments of yesteryear
And laugh and cry and we
Reluctantly say good-bye.
I release you to my Creator and Father.
What will He find there?

Awakened suddenly.   No reason.
I am compelled to get up, get dressed, and get to you.
I am not the only one; dad is there, too.
Yes, you are there, but is this really you?
Pale, frail, unaware of reality around you,
Eyes closed; a rattle in your breathing now.

And while we are watching you,
The Lord sends an Angel for you.
We were unaware of the true reality around us,
Yet you saw it clearly with your eyes tightly closed!
Ushered into Heaven by the Lord Himself;
What will you find there?  Peace!
And I will find my Mother.
By Pamela Stephens, June, 1990 b-g-21


My Great Great Grandfather Lushbaugh

get-attachment-5 My Second Great Grandfather and Grandmother; with their children, George Lee and Laura Jane.

George Washington Lushbaugh was a “cooper” meaning he made barrels, on Dowagiac Creek in Sumnerville, Michigan where he ran a cooper shop, until he took over his father’s farm near Galien, Michigan.  He was 22 yrs old when he married. He grafted fruit trees and was a “bee” man and  got his bees in the woods.  The farm was still standing in Galien, Michigan in 1953.    He belonged to the Mason’s and had a Masonic funeral.  His hair was slightly auburn.  He was a constant worker-he worked so late at night that he would go to sleep standing up.  His wife, wakened by the sudden silence, would go and get him and see that he got to bed.

He gave up his cooper shop in 1870, when his father, George M. Lushbaugh (Loshbough) sent for him to come to Galien, Michigan, to take over his farm, which he was no longer able to manage (George M. was about 78 yrs old).  George M Lushbaugh and his wife, Anna Maria–would then give the farm to their son in exchange for his taking care of them until their death.  One year later, George M Lushbaugh died. He is buried in Silver Brook Cemetery in Niles, Michigan. Anna Maria (his wife) continued to live with George Washington L. and his wife Bridgette until she decided to accompany her other son, Francis Marion ( Polk) to Kansas (1880 census)  in Louisburg,  Montgomery County, Missouri, where she died sometime after 1880.

George Washington Lushbaugh worked as furiously on the farm as he had in Sumnerville. He hand hewed new barn doors, which in 1950-1953 were still in use. He grafted fruit trees and improved the strain. He collected many swarms of wild bees.  He and some other farmers were out looking for bees when the man who was driving the horses -with a slack rein- drove under the limb of a tree which struck George Washington Lushbaugh across the back, injuring his spinal cord so severely that he was paralyzed from the injury down.  He lived several months.

He died and was buried in Galien Cemetery,  Galien Michigan in January 19,1876–His 25th wedding anniversary.  He had the first Masonic funeral in Galien, Michigan.  His headstone, broken years later was removed–only the base is left.  A very small marker was placed at the foot of his grave, bearing his initials:  G.W.L.  (Lot 212-Grave 1 old section)  He is buried in the SW corner of the lot.  At his feet on the SE corner of the lot, his granddaughter, Laura Genevieve, is buried. She is the fourth child of George and Lily Lushbaugh.

George Washington Lusbaugh’s wife Bridgette wanted him to change the name to LUSHBAUGH from Loshbough and he did. On the cover of their Bible it said “Lushbaugh” which I have in my possession.   There are many “stories” in their lives, which can be pieced together just from these details, but also from the “legacy” they left in oral tradition!