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An Anniversary

MyDadDad, it’s been seven years since your last day here on earth, December 26, 2006.   Some days it seems like a long time ago, and on others a short time.

I wish your last few years had been happier, healthier ones, especially the last one.  If only some of the circumstances had been different, perhaps you’d have come to live at our house–but you chose to stay; it was what you thought was the easy thing.  If you had known what was ahead, would you have changed your mind? Guess we’ll never know.  I am glad now that you are with mom and I can be assured you are happy, healthy and safe.

In the end you didn’t know the lengths “she” went to in keeping you from us, but it was hard.  After traveling half a country to get there, and arranging a time to visit, no answer at the door.  When we were “received” she had hospice inject a sedative to keep you “unresponsive.”  But at the sound of my voice, your eyes bounce and open, searching for me.  Thank you, Dad—for letting me say good-bye for the last time and for responding to my voice.  It’s another Voice you hear now and He is the Good Shepherd and we know His Voice.  You are loved and missed, but we shall see you again, and for that I am deeply grateful.


A Mother’s Day Tribute

by Pamela Stephens

It’s that time of year again for telling the one who loved us,

protected us, and nourished us,

that we love them…

and I do.

It’s that time of year again for Mother-Daughter teas

with new floral dresses,

to watch Mother-Daughter fashion shows

and eat petit-fours while we sip lemonade…

and I will.

It’s that time of year again for buying special cards

that reflect those all too often unspoken feelings

for those gracious hands that sent us off,

picked us up, encouraged us, patted us

on the head and told us, ‘You can do it’….

but I won’t.

It’s that time of year again for daughters who have mothers;

for those who have living mothers and daughters;

it’s that time of year again for others….

but not for us.

It’s that time of year again for my girls and for me.

We will go to the Mother-Daughter tea

in our floral dresses and sip lemonade and eat petit-fours,

but it won’t be the same, never again, at this time of year

without you.

But no matter what time of year,

I will always appreciate you for the mother you were for me.

No matter what time of year,

I will always remember your tenderness and love…

And I do.

It’s that time of year for saying, “I love you, Mom.”

And I still do, and I always will….

Happy Mother’s Day Forever!


(*Mom died of breast cancer at age 62)BG