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Pennsylvania–Cameron County

8064406045_c3c07f93b5_o Cameron County, Pennsylvania– these photos of that area around where some of my first ancestors settled. In fact, they named part of the waterways there, Lushbaugh Run. Henry Lushbaugh, who is my Patriot soldier of the Revolutionary War soldier fought bravely for our young country’s freedom from the British.

Henry was born in 1751 in Pennsylvania and enlisted in Sunbury, Pennsylvania in 1776. His company was in command of Captain John Harris, 12th Pennsylvania Regiment, commanded by Colonel Cook. Henry saw many battles, such as Ash Swamp and Piscataway. He served for three years and was discharged near Philadelphia.   Henry and his brother George both enlisted at the same time, and their service records are one numeral apart.  George however died before applying and receiving a pension.  After the edict was passed for pensions, beginning in 1819, Henry applied and was granted his pension.

Henry’s family (sons and families) moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio, and then some on to Indiana and Michigan.  Henry was one of the sons of Johann Conrad Lorsbach (Loshbaugh/Lushbaugh–variations of which the name changed spellings).  We believe they were from the Lampertheim area of Hesse/Germany.  Henry’s descendants would later donate land to Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana for the convent, it is believed.   While Henry wasn’t wealthy, he had land from the bounty land of the Revolutionary War dispersements.  Henry’s descendants continued to be honorable civilians, volunteering for the Civil War, and all the other wars that followed.

Because of Henry Lushbaugh and so many others, who’s fathers escaped their homeland because of religious persecution, I can live in a wonderful country, free to worship the Lord I love.  Thank you, Henry and George–and all who have served!

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