The Sellers Family


Willow Grove School, near Bremen, Marshall County Indiana  in 1898–  My grandfather and his siblings were just part of the children who attended this one-room school house in those days. Because they were many in number (5 out of 50) were “Sellers kids,” they most likely had lots of stories to tell about the days events! The black and white photo above shows my grandfather “Bliss Orville (Zeke) Sellers” on the left,  and his younger brother “Charles Welcome Sellers.” They were probably the source for many a silly prank or happening.  You can see it in their pose here, and I’ve been told it by my grandmother!  But my grandfather, who was a tender hearted man took in his younger brother when Charles left home at 14 yrs of age.  My grandfather worked on the Grand Trunk Railroad as a Conductor and cooked for himself in the caboose– I still have the small cast iron skillet he cooked everything on while he was away!

Zeke Sellers #2


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