The Grand Trunk Western Railroad

get-attachmentOne of my grandmother’s stories about her husband I remember had to do with his hair…he had a “widow’s peak” hairline that he didn’t like, and so one day when shaving, he simply shaved it right off. Several days later, one of his “railroad buddies” said to him, “Hey, Zeke, you’re growing new hair on your head!” My grandfather calmly said, “Yeah, I bought some salve at the drug store, and it’s workin’ pretty good!” The next time they had a day off they all went to look for the new “hair salve” that grew Zeke some new hair!

.1024px-1887_C&GT_map_onlyZeke (bottom L)

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the railroad my grandfather worked on as a Conductor:

From Wikipedia: The Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company (reporting mark GTW) is an important American subsidiary of the Canadian National Railway(reporting mark CN) operating in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Since a corporate restructuring in 1971 the railroad has been under CN’s subsidiary holding company the Grand Trunk Corporation. Grand Trunk Western’s routes are part of CN’s Midwest Division.[1] Its primary mainlinebetween Chicago, Illinois and Port Huron, Michigan serves as a connection between railroad interchanges in Chicago and rail lines in easternCanada and the Northeastern United States. The railroad’s extensive trackage in Detroit, Michigan and across southern lower Michigan has made it an essential link for the automotive industry as a hauler of parts and automobiles from manufacturing plants.


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